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Chauncy 4 Hire
Chauncy 4 Hire
17th Feb 2018, 12:30 PM
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Please Check out my other Webcomic

Hey don't forget that other comics are updating as we speak on here


check them out:


The one shot entries in this web-comic will be made available for digital download one by one starting in this month and Feburary

Starting with Digital downloads for June Seven (in full issue 1 and by Chapters) as well as Pride Helix (by chapter)

following the small collection on Millsbury Media Cartoons/Express.

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Please give feed back if you like my comics and more! Thank you!!!

-Maurice Miller of Millsbury Media

What's New

The Infinite Chronicles has started... Read how this mind twisting story unfolds

-Maurice "Hero" Miller

Month of MainStreem

Its Month of Mainstreem!!!

From now til Feburary 17th. The short comic Mainstreem will be publishing every week. 

Be sure to keep a look out for this one as well as the rest of the comics that art frequently posted on the website as we know it to date!!!

-Maurice "Hero" Miller

June Seven & Pride Helix is coming!!!

This is Hero!

My hit comic "June seven" and comic "Pride Helix" is gunna make an apearance on the Millsbury Media Web comic feed. 

Get to see what Gerald and Nero were up to. Don't forget to buy June Seven Issue 1 on Millsbury Media!


-Maurice "Hero" Miller